Polyvalent anti-snake immunoglobulin

This product has been prepared to neutralize snake venom and treat victims bitten by the mentioned snakes.

This immunoglobulin product is purified, transparent and injectable. The active components of this drug include the F(ab')2 fragment of anti-snake venom immunoglobulins, each milliliter of which has the ability to neutralize more than 50 LD-50 of the venom of each of the snakes in question based on its lethality on mice.

Product composition:

This product is prepared from the purification and concentration of hyperimmunized horse plasma with the venom of 6 types of snakes as follows:

  • Naja naja oxiana
  • Vipera lebetina
  • Vipera albicornuta
  • Echis carinatus
  • Pseudocerastes persicus
  • Walterinnesia morgani 

This contains maximum 0.25% (w/v) phenol as a preservative.

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