Research and Development

The innovation of technology in any complex is due to research and development activities, which follows the growth and development of that complex and is considered as the main driver and factor of development.

Globalization has drastically changed the conditions of competitive environments in recent years. Business organizations, including small and medium enterprises, strengthen their research to find a strategy that ensures sustainable excellence. Today, R&D has a special place in the world. Because a large share of new and advanced materials, products, processes and systems are the result of R&D activities, the large and successful companies allocate a significant share of their income and labor to research and development activities.

The Research and Development department of Al-Radwan united biopharma is responsible for implementing the company's policy in all stages of operation, design and formulation of new drugs, as well as modifying and optimizing the production methods and improving the quality of the company's products.

The study and implementation stages of the projects of this unit include the following:

  • Formulation of new products in order to strengthen the company's product portfolio
  • Modifying the formulation of the company's current products in order to improve the quality of the products
  • Solving possible problems in the production process of current products
  • Continuous review of international pharmaceutical authorities to select new and necessary drugs for the country
  • Preparing comprehensive information about the active ingredient and the product selected in the drug selection committee using the latest international sources

Who we are?

AL-RADWAN united biopharma company has been established as a leading group in the field of production, launch and supply of biological products in the center of Iraq. 

By developing lines, AL-RADWAN has included various products such as therapeutic sera (antivenin) and anti-cancer drugs in its program. we continuously focused to produce qualified products in accordance with the latest achievements in new approaches.

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