The production lines of biological products in Al-Radwan united biopharma are based on GMP principles. This company has the most advanced and equipped production machines and a lot of effort has been made in their selection.

The manufacturing process of drugs and biological products in these lines is carried out based on pre-prepared instructions and all steps are monitored by the quality control and quality assurance unit. Also, the production unit has instructions for changing personnel clothing while entering clean rooms, manufacturing rooms, and solid product production rooms in order to maintain the safety of people and also to maintain product quality. Among the capabilities of the production unit, the following can be mentioned:

Specialists: Pharmacists - experts related to the pharmaceutical industry and trained specialist personnel

Hardware capabilities: technology transfer and modernization of production and filling machines, which have been examined separately in the production subcategories.

Construction capabilities: building new parts and updating old production parts in accordance with GMP principles

Software capabilities: All production activities are done through automation software.

Who we are?

AL-RADWAN united biopharma company has been established as a leading group in the field of production, launch and supply of biological products in the center of Iraq. 

By developing lines, AL-RADWAN has included various products such as therapeutic sera (antivenin) and anti-cancer drugs in its program. we continuously focused to produce qualified products in accordance with the latest achievements in new approaches.

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  • Office: Building 19, Alley 64, Locally 505, Al-Idrisi Neighborhood, Palestine Street, Baghdad, IRAQ

  • Factory: Mahmoudiya Industrial Zone, Km 10 Baghdad Karbala Road, IRAQ

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