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AL-RADWAN United Biopharma

Who we are?

AL-RADWAN United Biopharma Company is one of the largest and most advanced pharmaceutical manufacturers in Iraq, which operates in the field of producing therapeutic anti-serums for snake bites and scorpion bites and various biological products.

We constantly invest in research and development to discover innovative solutions for new drugs, venomous bites and stings.

Al-radwan Biopharma

Top Technology  to Produce Best Quality

A complete and standard evaluation system is used to monitor quality. In this system, precise and continuous controls are carried out at all stages from the arrival of raw materials to the final product in the quality control laboratories and quality assurance unit of the company. All processes are designed and implemented according to GMP standards and WHO rules.

Exploitation of new technologies and modern knowledge in AL-RADWAN United Biopharma has provided the company with the opportunity to achieve superior quality in the production of its products and to take steps towards the creation of new products. The products of AL-RADWAN United Biopharma Company are produced in one of the best pharmaceutical complexes that have GMP. The high quality of production and packaging, along with the high quality of raw materials, has made the products of this collection unique.

In addition, gaining the trust of reputable international companies to carry out joint projects and produce their products under license, as well as receiving the necessary standards, is one of the other honors of AL-RADWAN United Biopharma Company.

Finally, AL-RADWAN United Biopharma Company hopes to be able to soon become the largest and most equipped biological products production unit in the Middle East due to its scientific, personnel, technical capabilities and modern equipment.

Expertise in GMP compliance

Our team consist of highly trained professionals who have years of experience in GMP compliance to ensure that our products are of the highest quality.

We understand that every client has unique needs, which is why we provide customized solutions that are tailored to requirements

Marketing and Sales Department
Quality Control & Assurance Department
Production Department
Research and Development Department

Comprehensive Services

Safe and reliable

Our products are safe for all ages and recognized for their effectiveness and reliability. Our experts ensure that your products meet the highest quality and regulatory standards. 

From product development to manufacturing and distribution, our comprehensive services cover all stages of pharmaceutical productions

Why AL-RADWAN United Biopharma Is The Best?

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Who we are?

AL-RADWAN united biopharma company has been established as a leading group in the field of production, launch and supply of biological products in the center of Iraq. 

By developing lines, AL-RADWAN has included various products such as therapeutic sera (antivenin) and anti-cancer drugs in its program. we continuously focused to produce qualified products in accordance with the latest achievements in new approaches.

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  • Office: Building 19, Alley 64, Locally 505, Al-Idrisi Neighborhood, Palestine Street, Baghdad, IRAQ

  • Factory: Mahmoudiya Industrial Zone, Km 10 Baghdad Karbala Road, IRAQ

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